Welcome to the boutique…

“beautiful things for a beautiful you”


About Alicia Engelman

*I am the wife of the most amazing man I know. The mother (& step-mum) of the world's brightest stars. Daughter to an honored professional-a nurse. Aunt to 4 amazing nieces & 4 awesome nephews! Sister to my life-long friend. *Professionally; I am a Miche Representative, Women's Pastor, Administrative Assistant, Lead Baker. *I'm multi-faceted and extremely talented. *I love to sing, and find I'm really good at it! *I accomplish whatever goal I pursue. *I'm determined and I don't back down too easily. *If you're my friend, it's for life and I'll always have your back until you hurt me or my family. *I love with my whole heart and it hurts me sometimes but I love just the same. *I gave my all to God and he gave me a life worth living.

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